Weed in Perth

Weed in Perth

Australia has seen a surge in the popularity of cannabis in the last few years, making the country a perfect candidate to explore the potential of weed in Perth. With picturesque beaches, lush green parks and a thriving cannabis community, it is no surprise that the city has become a destination for cannabis consumption. This article will provide an overview of the history of cannabis in Perth, current regulations and restrictions, as well as future possibilities that the city holds for weed.

A Look at the History of Weed in Perth, Australia

This surge in popularity is thanks to increased accessibility and availability, as well as changes in public opinion. In 2020, recreational cannabis use was decriminalised in Australia, making it legal in certain states, including Western Australia, where Perth is located. This means that possession is legal for those over the age of 18, however, there are still certain restrictions in the city, including no smoking in public places and driving under the influence. The sale of cannabis in any form remains still illegal, leaving users to access it through other sources.

The Future Possibilities for Weed in Perth, Australia

As Perth progresses in its acceptance of cannabis, the potential for the city to become an agricultural hub for the research and development of cannabis-related goods has grown. This could open doors for both recreational and medicinal users, while also providing potential tax revenue for the local economy.

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