Weed in Malaga

Weed in Malaga

Knowing the weed laws in Malaga, Spain is essential for stoners. On the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, the port city of Málaga is well-known for its luxury hotels and resorts that rise abruptly from the sand dunes. The Alcazaba and the abandoned Gibralfaro, the city’s two enormous hilltop citadels and reminders of Moorish dominance, tower over that contemporary skyline. Because one of its towers was oddly left unbuilt, the city’s grand Renaissance church is known as La Manquita, or “one-armed woman.”

Cannabis Laws

Malaga’s cannabis restrictions are quite stringent. Unfortunately, if you are found in possession of even 5 grams of marijuana, the cops are going to have a field day with you. Keep your marijuana at home and only use it where it is still legal to do so—on your private property or in cannabis clubs.

Where to get weed in Malaga

Join a cannabis club in Malaga, where you can purchase marijuana, if you want to get high legally. A few dispensaries are also available for your consideration. The final (albeit not ideal) alternative is, of course, to just purchase marijuana from neighborhood vendors.

Your final marijuana purchase may be of excellent or poor grade. The truth is that it depends on your luck and the dealer’s decision.

However, bear in mind that it is unlawful to purchase marijuana from a dealer, and you risk facing serious Marijuana donation if you are discovered.


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