Slovakia, Weed in Bratislava

Weed in Bratislava

Bratislava, located near to Vienna, is a fantastic Eastern European capital to explore. It’s a terrific spot to visit because of its historic architecture and vibrant pubs and cafes. A little marijuana, like any vacation, can make it more enjoyable. So, here’s our cannabis guide for Bratislava.

 Weed laws in Slovakia

Slovakia, like the rest of Eastern Europe, has very harsh weed legislation.Smoking marijuana could get you in a lot of troubles with the cops.  If you are found smoking a joint, you will most likely receive a substantial fine rather than going to prison. However, if you have enough pot on you to be labeled a drug pucher, you might risk a lengthy prison sentence of up to 10+ years.

When smoking weed in Bratislava, you should exercise extreme caution, avoid smoking in public places, and keep it hidden. If you want to smoke weed in Bratislava, stay away from the cops.

Where to get weed in Bratislava

The Old Town is a fantastic location to start-Stare Mesto. You will find weed dealers there. You’ll need to also ask around maybe in nightclubs, valets or bartenders. If you happen to witness someone smoking, approach them and inquire. You could also talk to club promoters, who may have an idea or know a dealer. The cannabis is often of good quality, however this varies greatly from dealer to dealer. Keep an eye on he cops. You don’t wanna get any issues.

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