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Weed in St. Lucia

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Best cannabis friendly destinations

Best weed friendly destinations. The Caribbean island of Saint Lucia is well-known for its stunning beaches and pleasant weather. Most tourists to this tropical paradise arrive during the dry season, which runs from January through April. Despite the fact that marijuana is still illegal on the island, it’s likely that you may find some very readily. To find out more about the marijuana in St Luca, keep reading.

Cannabis laws

Marijuana use should be legalized, according to Saint Lucia’s prime minister in 2019. This would indicate the drug’s widespread acceptability even though it hasn’t happened yet. On the island, however, it is still illegal to smoke marijuana, and anybody caught doing so risk facing harsh punishment. Tourists are frequently released after being detained by police after offering a bribe to the policemen. In the worst-case scenarios, you can even end up in jail if you don’t bribe the police. You shouldn’t be too concerned if you only weigh a few grams.

Even though everyone uses marijuana, smoking is not permitted on the island. You need to be discrete, cautious, and watch out for the police when it comes to marijuana use. You should be fine if you just use common sense and ignore the rest.

Finding marijuana in St. Lucia

the clubs and the more popular tourist spots. There have even been stories of people being invited to purchase marijuana at their hotels. Prices for tourists can be very different, although they are often less than $1 per gram with the majority of dealers offering quarter ounces. Most visitors, especially guys, will be offered cannabis as they travel across the island. So it shouldn’t be difficult to obtain marijuana in St. Lucia. If you stroll the beach, you will almost surely be approached with offers to purchase marijuana. Always try to negotiate a little so that you can get a 20–30% price break. Because it is cultivated outdoors, the cannabis isn’t of the highest quality, but at those prices, it is impossible to complain. More on Guide list.

Best weed friendly destinations, Best weed friendly locations. Best weed friendly destinations. marijuana in St Luca

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